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When it comes to mandatory home safety procedures, including smoke alarm testing, safety switches testing, fire extinguisher testing, there are many companies to choose from who seemingly all do the same thing. So why entrust you and your family’s safety with Glasshouse Home Safety over anyone else?

The answer is simple. We love people more than price. We care about you and your loved one’s lives and safety always over income. It’s still about people, and it is how the why and the heart of what we do. That is why at Glasshouse Home Safety, we do things differently. We go above and beyond to ensure that homes are actually safe and not just compliant. We do this by testing with real smoke where others just simply push a button, by testing safety switches with all three methods of testing, mechanical, threshold and time testing. We consider the vital factors that others don’t include. Where should smoke alarms be placed within the home based on how smoke will travel in the event of a fire. Are smoke alarms loud enough to wake you and your loved ones immediately to allow for quick action in a house fire situation?

At Glasshouse Home Safety, we aim to raise the standard of home safety and prevent any deaths due to house fires in Queensland, not just to make a quick profit. Rather than merely chasing the almighty dollar, we aim to give part of our profit back into the community to help those who need it.

So, when choosing who you trust for you and your loved one’s home safety consider that you cannot put a price on life and that we at Glasshouse Home Safety care deeply about your safety and your life.

Smoke Alarm, Fire Extinguisher & Safety Switch Testing Sunshine Coast