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We service smoke alarms like you’ve never seen!

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We provide all smoke alarm repairs & maintenance services to make sure they are in best condition.


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How We Service Smoke Alarms

When it comes to ensuring the functionality of your smoke alarms, comprehensive testing and servicing is essential. At Glasshouse Home Safety Smoke Alarms, we provide professional smoke alarm servicing that covers all necessary steps to guarantee your safety.

Our thorough process includes removing any bugs or dirt, checking interconnectivity and sound levels, ensuring compliance with location regulations, verifying expiry dates, and confirming the use of photo-optical smoke alarms for early warning in accordance with the required Australian standard.

By conducting meticulous smoke alarm servicing, we can quickly identify any issues and perform on-the-spot repairs to rectify them. Our reports are clear, easy to understand, and sent promptly, and we only require payment once you are completely satisfied. With over 30 years of experience specialising in fire safety, Glasshouse Home Safety Smoke Alarms delivers services of the highest standard to ensure your peace of mind.

Choose Glasshouse Home Safety Smoke Alarms for comprehensive smoke alarm servicing that prioritises your safety. Contact us today to schedule a professional service of your smoke alarms and experience the expertise and reliability we bring to every project.


Smoke Alarm Servicing: Chirping or Beeping?

Don’t ignore it! This could be a sign of a faulty smoke alarm that requires immediate servicing. At Glasshouse Home Safety, we specialise in professional smoke alarm servicing to ensure the safety and well-being of your home or business.

Our experienced technicians are trained to meticulously assess your smoke alarms, conducting comprehensive servicing to ensure proper functioning and accurate smoke alarms.

Regular smoke alarm servicing is crucial to ensure that your smoke alarms are in optimal condition and ready to alert you in case of a fire emergency. Our experts will thoroughly examine your smoke alarms, checking for any issues such as faulty sensors, low battery power, or dust accumulation that may hinder their performance. If necessary, we can also provide replacement services for malfunctioning smoke alarms.

Don’t compromise on your safety when it comes to smoke alarms. Contact Glasshouse Home Safety today to schedule a service for professional smoke alarm servicing. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring the effectiveness and reliability of your smoke alarms, providing you with the peace of mind you deserve. Trust us to keep you and your loved ones protected.


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Why Smoke Alarm Servicing Is Important

Well-maintained smoke alarms last longer, have less false alarms and avoids the need for early replacement. It’s not just about servicing the smoke alarms and making sure they all meet the ever changing rules and regulations, it’s about getting the most from what you have and being well advised on what new technology is available to make everyone safer.

We make sure that if there was a real fire and real smoke it all works together to alert you in time. That’s why smoke alarm servicing is required at least once a year!

Ask yourself – Is the smoke alarm in a position where it can be effective with what it’s meant to do? Is it the right type of smoke alarm? Does the smoke alarm require any servicing or repairs? Is it within date? Does it meet the required Australian Standard? Is it loud enough? Is it interconnected with the smoke alarms, is that required for you and why? Can you do a progressive upgrade to the system based on most important rooms and occupants? That’s a lot of questions right? That’s why we’re here! We can answer it all because this is all we do, and we’re good at keeping your property, and family safe from fire. 


Signs That Your Smoke Alarms Need Servicing

There is nothing worse than smoke alarms waking you up in the middle of the night when there is no fire. Dazed and confused you must work out which one is causing it, and how to make it stop. Without regular smoke alarm servicing you not only shorten the life of an alarm but make it more prone to false alarms or chirping. 

Sometimes smoke alarms do fail even when the alarm senses smoke because the speaker has failed, making no sound & letting you sleep when you need to be moving.

As for smoke alarm servicing and repairs we can do it all. Sometimes smoke alarms get knocked off the ceiling when they won’t shut up, get water leaking into them or just plain fail to work. That’s when our skills and knowledge of all the brands of smoke alarms helps you. We make sure anything installed is compatible with what is interconnecting to, so the system works entirely. We can replace and interconnect both hard wired and wireless smoke alarms of all types and brands or repair your smoke alarm on the spot. 


Why Choose Us For Smoke Alarm Servicing

Because no-one services smoke alarms like we do. No matter what maintenance or repair services your smoke alarms require, we are the team to call.  We’re local and family owned with full-time employees who are police checked and blue carded. We are specialists electricians doing fire protection with a QBCC licence in smoke alarms and occupant warning.

Fully insured and guaranteed workmanship to the highest level means the best protection for your insurance liability.

We use alarms from Australian-owned companies with proven best performance and reliability for South-East Queensland with long warranty.

Choose us because you are worth it!



If hardwired interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms are activating without any identifiable cause, it could be due to issues with the power supply or incorrect installation. In some cases, fluctuations in the power supply in regional or remote areas or from electrical/electronic equipment in the home can cause false activations. Installing a filter on the switchboard can reduce the impact of these fluctuations. Incorrect installation can also cause false activations, and smoke alarms should not be connected to lighting circuits with dimmers.

Homeowners should discuss the installation of hardwired smoke alarms with a licensed electrician to ensure they are properly installed and to reduce the instance of false activations.

Smoke alarms should be tested by certified professionals once a year.
If your smoke alarm is beeping or chirping, it is often an indication that it may be faulty. A faulty smoke alarm requires professional testing or replacement. If you suspect your smoke alarm is faulty, please contact Glasshouse Home Safety on 1300 856 263 and book in for a service today.
You can perform basic tests on your smoke alarms, such as pressing the test button to ensure the alarm sounds. However, professional testing is recommended to thoroughly assess the functionality and accuracy of the smoke alarms, especially if you suspect any issues or if it has been a while since the last professional inspection.

Smoke alarms have an average lifespan of 8-10 years. However, it is recommended to refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific information regarding the lifespan of your particular smoke alarm model.

Professional smoke alarm testing involves a comprehensive assessment of the smoke alarms including, testing sensors, verifying interconnectivity, ensuring compliance with safety regulations, and confirming the alarm’s ability to emit a loud sound in case of a fire.

It depends on the extent of the fault. In some cases, minor issues such as battery replacement or cleaning may resolve the problem. However, if the smoke alarm is significantly damaged or has reached the end of its lifespan, it is recommended to replace it with a new, reliable smoke alarm.

Faulty smoke alarms can pose serious risks as they may not detect smoke or fire accurately. This can result in delayed or no alarms in the event of a fire, putting occupants at increased danger. Regular testing and maintenance are crucial to ensure the effective operation of smoke alarms.

You can schedule professional smoke alarm testing by contacting a reputable company specialising in fire safety services, such as Glasshouse Home Safety Smoke Alarms. Reach out to us on 1300 856 263 or email to discuss your needs and set up an appointment for testing.

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