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Stop Drop and Roll

Fire Safety Sunshine Coast

Get down low and go go go. Most of us are taught this as kids. We heard it from teachers, our parents and even from a firefighting koala on the television. But why do we have to get down low? There is in fact a very serious reason why this is important and can help you stay alive in a fire. Fire produces a deadly gas called carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is odorless, tasteless and it cannot be seen. It takes only 1.25% of carbon monoxide within the air for a person to fall unconscious immediately and dead within only 1 -3 minutes. Many house fire deaths occur before the flames have actually even reached the individual, dying from asphyxiation from smoke and Carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide rises in the air and that is why it is vital that in a fire situation that you get down low and go go go. Getting low to the ground will keep you away from smoke and carbon monoxide while keeping you closer to the oxygen which is being pushed downwards by the smoke.

Fire Protection Slogans – Fire Safety Sunshine Coast

Another important fire safety slogan that we are taught from early on is Stop Drop and Roll. This particular slogan is instructing us on what to do in the event that someone’s clothing catches fire. Much like get down low and go go go, this slogan is very important to remember, pass on to your loved ones and practice as it can be the difference between life and death in a fire situation.
Stop, drop and roll consists of three components.
1. Stop – Stop moving as movement may fan the flames and hinder those attempting to put the fire out.
2. Drop – Drop to the ground and lay down covering your face with your hands to avoid any injury to the face.
3. Roll – Roll on the ground to deprive the fire from oxygen, thus extinguishing the fire. If there is a rug or fire blanket available roll that around you, while still laying on the floor (NEVER while standing up as this will cause the flames and heat to rise up to the face) to extinguish the fire.

So, remember when it comes to fire safety, it is imperative to remember Stop Drop and Roll and Get Down Low and Go Go Go.