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Why opt for regular servicing and testing of smoke alarms

Smoke Detector Testing Sunshine Coast QLD

When you are awake fire can be easily initially picked up by smell, well before you hear it or see it. While you are sleeping, however, your sense of smell sleeps too, and of course your eyesight. Therefore, if a fire occurs while you and your family are sleeping, the only senses you have left to alert you of this threat are touch and hearing. If you are able to feel or hear the fire in your home, it is surely well and truly too late for evacuation.

Early warnings and easy escapes are key to surviving house fires and this can only be managed with a functioning and effective smoke alarm. That is why it is so important to have your smoke alarms regularly tested and serviced. We conduct thorough testing and assessment of your smoke alarms when others just simply push the button.

Any number of things can affect whether your smoke alarm is working such as dust build up, placement of the alarm, and that is why regular testing and servicing is so important. You regularly service your car to ensure not only the safety of yourself, but your loved ones also, so why would you not service and test your smoke alarms.

At the end of the day, life is priceless and no amount of money that you will spend on safety precautions is more valuable than life.

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