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Types of Fires & How To Extinguish Them

Did you know that there are different classes of fires? Did you also know that each class of fire requires a specific method of extinguishing? It is so important to understand what types of fires there are? As well as the means of extinguishing each one to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.

There are four ways to extinguish fires

1. Starve, Remove combustible material by turning off gas or electricity

2. Cool, Remove the Heat by dousing the light in the water

3. Smother, Remove the oxygen by using a fire blanket

4. Inhibit, Use chemical foam that extinguishes fire

Not every method is suitable for every kind of fire. Some ways of extinguishing can make the fire worse and increase the potential of injury or death. That is why it is also essential to know what types of fires you could be dealing with.

Here are the six classes of fires that can occur within the home and the way to extinguish each one,

Class A – Combustible solids

● Wood, paper, plastics, clothes

● Method of extinguishing: COOL, INHIBIT

Class B – Flammable liquids

● Petrol, paint, motor oil

● Method of extinguishing: SMOTHER, INHIBIT

Class C – Flammable Gasses

● Gasoline or natural gas

● Method of extinguishing: STARVE

Class E – Electrical fires

● Switchboards, computers, toasters, fuse boxes

● Method of extinguishing: COOL, SMOTHER AND INHIBIT

Class F – Cooking oils & fats

● Butter, deep fryers, kitchens

● Method of extinguishing: SMOTHER

Take care to understand the classes of fires and the correct way to extinguish each one to ensure you and your loved one’s safety. But remember only attempt to extinguish a fire is if it is safe to do so, sometimes the safest option may be to vacate the home.