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Smoke Alarm Testing

We test smoke alarms like you’ve never seen!

Watch and be amazed as we make sure they work when smoke is around, by testing them with smoke, not just pressing a button!

We provide all smoke alarm repairs & maintenance services to make sure they are in best condition.

Alarm internal contamination cleared, alarms reset, batteries changed, sound pressure level checks and full compliance checks.


Smoke Alarm Testing

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Our Smoke Alarm Testing Services

When it comes to testing your smoke alarms, there are several steps involved. We suck out all the bugs and dirt, replace the removable batteries, check they are all interconnect and make enough sound to wake you up. Then there is checking the location is compliant, check the expiry date hasn’t passed, check it is a Photo-optical alarm for early warning and that it meets the particular Australian standard that is required!


By testing your smoke alarm, we can detect if something is wrong and can repair it on the spot because every serviceman is a licensed electrician.


The reports are clear and easy to understand and sent immediately and payment is only required once you are absolutely satisfied. With 30 years’ experience specialising in fire safety you can be certain that what we do for you is to the highest standard.

Smoke Alarm Maintenance & Repairs

Well maintained smoke alarms last longer, have less false alarms and avoids the need for early replacement. It’s not just about testing the smoke alarms and making sure they all meet ever changing rules and regulations, it’s about getting the most from what you have and being well advised on what new technology is available to make everyone safer.

We make sure that if there was a real fire and real smoke it all works together to alert you in time. That’s why smoke alarm maintenance services are required at least once a year!

Is the alarm in a position where is can be effective with what it’s meant to do? Is it the right type of alarm? Does the smoke alarm require any repairs? Is it within date? Does it meet the required Australian Standard? Is it loud enough? Is it interconnected with the others, is that required for you and why? Can you do a progressive upgrade to the system based on most important rooms and occupants? We can answer it all because this is all we do – life safety checks and repairs.

If anything fails to test correctly we are happy to repair your smoke alarm on the spot.

Smoke Alarm Service Packages

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Why Choose Us For Smoke Alarm Testing, Repairs & Maintenance?

Because no-one tests alarms like we do. No matter what maintenance or repair services your smoke alarms require, we are the team to call.  We’re local and family owned with full-time employees who are police checked and blue carded. We are specialists electricians doing fire protection with a QBCC licence in smoke alarms and occupant warning.

Fully insured and guaranteed workmanship to the highest level means the best protection for your insurance liability.

We use alarms from Australian owned companies with proven best performance and reliability for South East Queensland with long warranty.

Choose us because you are worth it!

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