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Real smoke testing of your alarms, why it is important and why we do it

Smoke Alarm Testing Sunshine Coast QLD

It is imperative to your safety to have your smoke alarm regularly tested. Most electrical companies will carry out a smoke alarm test. However, often this test is done by simply pushing the button on the alarm. The reality is that this simple method of testing is ineffective in determining the effectiveness of your alarm.

Real Smoke Alarm Testing in Sunshine Coast

We use real smoke to test the alarms because we believe they minimum mandatory requirements are often not enough. After all, smoke alarms are meant to detect smoke, so why not use that rather than a simple push of a button to test its effectiveness. We make sure that people can hear the alarms and be woken up and manage to find a way out, not just that they work and look good on the ceiling.

For a smoke alarm to go off, smoke must reach the inside chamber. The problem with the button test is that it does not give an indication as to whether or not this is happening. All it does is tell you that the batteries are charged and the alarm is on. We test with smoke as it shows if the smoke is able to get into the chamber to set off the alarm and therefore whether or not your alarm is, in fact, operating properly.