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We take care of all aspects of home safety, including Smoke Alarm Testing, Safety Switch Testing, Corded Blind Checks and more.


Smoke Alarm Service Packages

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Smoke Alarm Pricing

Emerald Alarms Are Great For The Budget Conscious
$ 129
inc GST
Per Alarm
  • 7 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Photoelectric Interconnected Technology
  • Smoke Alarm Remote Controller Available
  • Sound Level >85dB (A) at 3 Metres
  • Certified AS3786-2014
  • Test & Hush Button
  • Made In China
Cavius Are The Number 1 Choice For Smoke Alarms. Cavius Alarms Almost Never False Alarm Or Beep. The Most Reliable Smoke Alarms For QLD Conditions
$ 159
inc GST
Per Alarm
  • Smallest, Best Looking Alarm
  • 10 Year Labor & Manufacturers Warranty
  • Tamper Proof Safety Locking Mechanism
  • Hand Made & Tested
  • Danish Make
  • ActivFire Certified
  • Varnished Printed Circuit Boards For Reliability
  • Recessed Installation Available (+$10/ Alarm)
  • Photoelectric Interconnected Technology
  • Sound Level >85dB (A) at 3 Metres
  • Smoke Alarm Remote Controller Available
  • Certified AS3786-2014
  • Test & Hush Button
logo - red-smoke-alarms
Red Smoke Alarms Are Mid Priced , Australian Owned Smoke Alarms
$ 149
inc GST
Per Alarm
  • 10 Year Manufacturers Wanrraty
  • Photoelectric Interconnected Technology
  • Activated Alarm Indication
  • Smoke Alarm Remote Controller Available
  • Test & Hush Button
  • UL Certified
  • Made In China
  • Certified AS3786 - 2014

Let Us Take Care Of Your Property's Safety Testing

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Smoke Alarms

There is way more to testing a smoke alarm properly than just pressing a button. You get so much more from what we do, from testing with real smoke to checking all interconnection is working and the sound is loud enough to wake you up when, and only when, they are meant to. Fast and personal service, we are there when you need us.


Our smoke alarm service includes:

  • Vacuum cleaning of every smoke alarm for long-life and efficiency;
  • Discharge of removable battery-type mains powered alarms for trouble free use and longer life;
  • Free replacement of removable batteries;
  • Test with test smoke to prove it really will work in a fire;
  • Check sound pressure levels and interconnection at every smoke alarm;
  • Check smoke alarm positions meet the location requirements of the Fire & Emergency Services Act, the NCC and AS1670.1- 2018;
  • Check every smoke alarm complies with AS3786- 2014.

Safety Switches

This service accompanies a smoke alarm service. Electrocution is a major life safety risk – especially for rental property owners and their insurance. Safety switches must not only trip but trip in time to save a life – a fraction of a second! The Electrical Safety Office recommends push-button tests of all safety switches every three months – which you can do yourself, but once a year get them time-tested properly. The Code of Practice requires time-testing, as does AS 3760-2010.



Rental Properties: Rental property owners are considered a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) under the Work Health & Safety Act 2011. Time and date stamped evidence of annual time-testing of safety switches is mandatory to ensure duty-of-care for a safe home. If you are getting a report that says ‘sighted’ or ‘tested’ you are at risk with your insurance coverage.



Buying a property: If you buy a property without a safety switch you must install a safety switch for the power circuits within three months of a property transfer. This applies to any transfer of domestic properties.



Selling a property: Establish a safety switch is installed for power circuits, and that it tests within the required trip-time period. This must be declared on the standard sales contract and Form 24 Property Transfer.



Our Safety Switch inspections include:

  • A full report with picture of the switchboard, supplied on completion. The report is time & date stamped with recorded measurements of time-to-trip, electrical workers name and licence and last calibration date of the testing device;
  • Ensure property is compliant with AS3760:2010, Electrical Code of Practice & the WHSA 2011;
  • Mechanical tests of Safety switches supplying lighting circuits and other non-power outlet circuits;
  • Faulty safety switches able to be changed out immediately if they fail to test – no other trades required.

Blind Cord Compliance

This service accompanies a smoke alarm service. In response to the threat posed to children by cords and hanging window furnishings, The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) introduced a national mandatory installation standard in 2015 to limit the risk of harm.

Our Blind cord service includes:

  • Inspect all window coverings for compliance with the Trades Practices Mandatory Safety Standards;
  • Weight test cleats for minimum retaining force;
  • Replace brittle or damaged cleats, runners, or retainers at the material cost;
  • Install required cleat, runners, or retainers at the material cost;
  • Report supplied on completion.

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