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Smoke Alarm Companies Sunshine Coast

When choosing a company to entrust you and your loved one’s home-safety with, we urge you not to pick based on price. We know that there are smoke alarm companies in Sunshine Coast that offer services for a cheaper rate than ours. But we like to tell people, Good not cheap, cheap, not good. With home safety, you get what you pay for. We at Glasshouse Home Safety are not a smoke alarm company; we are a home safety company. Smoke alarms on their own do not save lives. Several things come into it.

● Is it in the right position?

● Is it going to go off early enough?

● Is it even going to go off?

● Will you hear it?

● Do you know what to do when it goes off?

Looking for the Best Smoke Alarm Companies in Sunshine Coast?

We look at the dynamics because we understand how fire works and we know how smoke acts, because we are fire technicians, not just smoke alarm testers. We want to save lives in homes, to do the whole package and make sure people survive, by checking curtain cords, time testing safety switches, ensuring clear paths of exit, talking to you and your family about a muster point, fire extinguisher testing and testing smoke alarms with real smoke. We are the very best at testing smoke alarms, but we focus on so much more than just that. We know all the things that make a difference. So, we may not be as cheap as the bloke who pops by and pushes a button, but we charge what we do so that you and your family survive and are safe. After all, you cannot put a price on human lives, and you cannot replace the lives of loved ones.