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Fire Facts

Home Safety & Fire Protection Sunshine Coast

Here at Glasshouse Home Safety we are passionate about home safety, in particular, fire safety. We want to completely eliminate deaths and injuries caused by house fires in Queensland. That is why we think it is important to educate people on fires. We have compiled a short list of fire facts to show just how serious fires are and how quickly they can become lethal.

● A fire is a rapid series of chemical reactions between combustible materials using heat and oxygen to burn that material. As it burns heat rises and more oxygen is drawn in from below to feed the fire which then allows more combustible material to burn and for the fire to grow.
● A fire will continue unless you take at least one of those three elements, oxygen, heat and combustible material, out of the equation.
● Exposure to heat from the fire can cause death
● 70 seconds after a fire starts, the smoke at the top of the ceiling can reach up to 300 degrees centigrade. This smoke can cause disorientation and burn lungs and eyes.
● Carbon monoxide, a byproduct of smoke, is lethal, just 1.25 % of it present in the air can cause the individual who inhales it to faint and often die due to the inability to escape the fire.
● Clothes and hair can catch fire and skin can burn just through heat transfer in the air
● A fire can double in size in 30 seconds
● 90 seconds after a fire is started the room it is it can be too hot to even enter

Smoke Alarms, Safety Switches & Fire Extinguishers Sunshine Coast

Pretty scary stuff. But with annual servicing of smoke alarms, safety switches and fire extinguishers by the friendly team at Glasshouse Home Safety you can prevent electrical house fires from occurring and rest assured that if there is a fire in your home, that you and your loved ones will be alerted before the fire is even ablaze, allowing fast evacuation and extinguishing of the flames.